Ethical and Sustainable Production

Tad Pepper wants you to be comfortable knowing that the handloom cotton used in our handmade bags is produced ethically.

We carefully select who we do business with. When we set out to make our dream a reality we hired an analyst to secretly go around and evaluate all the prospective handloom cotton manufacturers out there. We wanted to know as much as we could before engaging in business. Things like labour practice, safety record, environmental production methods, fair trade policies and living wage, and of course product quality and tradition.

We chose a family run business that has been producing the highest quality fabrics in traditional and sustainable ways for almost 100 years.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is, here are the details….


The production facilitie we source our handloom from is SA 8000 (Social Accountability) certified by RINA Italy, which;

  • Prohibits child and forced labour,
  • Prohibits discrimination on basis of sex, religion, caste and creed,
  • Guarantees the workers the right to bargain, making sure that they will be paid the wages as per government rules,
  • Working hours restricted to 8 hours in a day and max 48 hours in a week,
  • All workers are covered under a Health Insurance scheme,
  • Certifies work place safety standards,
  • Workers are paid a decent living wage.


All production facilities used by Tad Pepper employ sustainable textile production methods that are independently validated by SKAL International certifiers.

All colour dyes used are Azo free.

Cotton production is water intensive which is why production has naturally grown in the Southern monsoon lands of India. Our facilities use reverse osmosis through effluent treatment plants to recycle and reuse 100% of the water used in production. 70% of the water is recycled for regular use and 30% is used for irrigation of coconut palms that provide buttons for some of our bags.

Additionally, our main production facility is ISO 9001: 2000 certified by RINA Italy. (This relates to its efficient and high quality management standards)

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Fabric and Accents

Struck by the beauty, variety and quality of natural fabrics from the tropical monsoon lands of South India, we decided to base our bags on them.

All bags handmade by Tad Pepper are constructed from hand crafted fabrics that are hand dyed and handwoven by highly skilled artisans.

Tad Pepper products use a range of natural fabrics and accents; handloom cotton, linen, canvas, coconut shells, wood and hessian jute. We are also working towards bringing you an organic cotton line of Tad Pepper bags.


These fabrics are produced in the most traditional ways. Dyed by hand using the most stable vat dyes available to the region, the high quality of dyeing is attributed to the region receiving the brunt of the monsoon rains.

The fabrics are then woven on hand looms by some of the most skilled weavers in India, without the use of machines, using time-honored techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Tad Pepper cotton hand loom fabrics are sourced from small co-operatives which are run ethically and provide vital support for the small communities and villages where the mills are located.

Tad Pepper passionately values the ancient traditions of those involved in the making of these unique and socially accountable fabrics. We share the pride of the craftsmen who know that they alone are responsible for the look, feel and beauty of the fabric made by their own hands.

Tad Pepper Bag Designs

Tad Pepper offers a beautiful collection of bag designs made using natural handloom fabrics in vibrant colours and textures that are remarkably soft and durable.

Designs are inspired by our passion for outdoor adventures big and small. Having a beautiful, natural, functional bag along to compliment these adventures is essential.

Tad Pepper bags are great for the local farmers market, sailing, travelling, hitting the beach or just going out for a walk. They look good, feel luxurious and work hard.

We’re proud to offer affordable, natural products that are handmade by Tad Pepper in small batches from fabrics produced at 100 year old family run mill that uses sustainable and socially responsible production methods.

  • Designed for fun, function and casual everyday fashion,
  • Genuine hand-dyed, hand-detailed, hand-loomed construction,
  • Soft, durable and strong,
  • Truly vibrant colors inspired from all the seasons,
  • Natural fabrics and accents that weather beautifully with a linen-textured feel,
  • Feel good, look good, work hard,
  • We invite you to explore our collection of attractive yet affordable bags and find one that you’ll love and use as much as we do.

    Fun, fresh designs for all your adventures.

    Fun, fresh, beautiful and unique

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